The pleasure of enjoying Korean cuisine in Milan

Brightly coloured, typical dishes with tasty sauces, are served at this Korean cuisine in Milan. They provide chopsticks for cutlery and offer a variety of traditional Korean drinks, as well as a selection of Italian wines. The recently opened GAM Korean Bistro, in Milan, offers its clients a varied and tasty menu for all types of occasion. The express menu, for guests who visit the restaurant on their break, offers delicious, healthy lunches with lots of vegetables and the choice of adding meat or fish. Or there is the vegetarian option for those who prefer just vegetables enriched with the many spices and sauces available.
Various different flavours combine in this Korean cuisine in Milan, offering dishes rooted in the wisdom of the ancient culture, adapted and enhanced by their clash with Western culture. Vegetables and rice are combined with seaweed, which is known for its beneficial properties, and widely used in Eastern cultures, to create tasty dishes. Strong sweet and sour flavours emanate from the different sauces used by the restaurant, which respect the skilled Eastern traditions.
Ancient traditions have been passed down and are reflected in the good quality, tasty food. From a nutritional point of view, much can be learnt from these traditions, which continually provide knowledge on how to create the most diverse tastes, whilst accommodating everyone’s needs.
The staff take pride in their work, creating original and tasty dishes that are pleasing to the eye and smell great. They strive to offer the best customer service throughout the whole duration of your meal. These are just some of the qualities that can be found in the staff at GAM Korean Bistro, in Milan, who every day offer professionalism and initiative whilst sharing their culture through the cuisine.
A long-standing tradition is the importance of eating healthily to nurture both body and mind. Eastern culture and knowledge can be found at this restaurant, in the heart of Milan, offering an array of tasty culinary compositions, every day.

• Bibimbap is a Korean rice dish, consisting of a mixture of rice, vegetables and meat added to various types of sauces, including soy sauce and other select sauces. At our restaurant, there are 5 different types of Bibimbap, with a variety of meat and vegetables. Another well-known type of Bibimbap is served in a sizzling stone bowl (dolsot in Korean), in which the ingredients are mixed together. The culture is not only shown through the many tasty dishes available but also by how they are served on various plates and bowls. The staff take great care in creating every one of these special dishes, in line with Korean tradition.
• Galbi is also known as the Korean barbecue, consisting of pork ribs marinated in soy sauce.
This famous common dish is exported from Korean culture. Galbi is so flavoursome due to the quality of fresh ingredients used; the pork comes from farms that have been inspected in accordance with local regulations. The soy sauce is made freshly by our chefs, allowing us to add flavour to the meat whilst it is cooking and giving it that dark, caramelised appearance that our regular customers love and our new customers will also enjoy.
• Jeon is a Korean pancake filled with potatoes, seafood and Kimchi.
The use of vegetables together with meat or seafood is very common in every cuisine all over the world, but each cuisine combines different tastes and flavours to create their own unique dish. Jeon better known as a pancake is a typical Korean dish, due to how quickly it can be made and its high protein value.
• Guksu are Korean noodles that can be served in two ways: in hot broth, or cold with spicy a sauce.
Noodles are enjoyed in many cultures, thanks to the oriental wisdom that made this dish famous and exported it all over the world. There are many different ways of cooking noodles, offering a delicious dish to even the most discerning palate.
• Kimchi is a Chinese cabbage fermented in a spicy sauce. It is a signature Korean dish, also known for its beneficial properties.
This dish is very well-known and widely used in healing for its antioxidant properties, helping people who suffer from major illnesses. Kimchi is used in many traditional Korean dishes. It comes in many different varieties and colours to satisfy all different tastes. This healthy, nutritious food, recognised in Oriental medicine can be prepared with many different sauces.
• Kimbap is a roll, usually made with rice, vegetables and meat, served in dried seaweed leaves.
This dish is one of the best known and highly appreciated as its many amazing variations appeal to so many. The Kimbap is not only appreciated because it is very well known in Western cultures but also because of the variety of tasty ingredients used to make it.
THE KIMBAP comes in five different varieties:
• Bulgoghi: marinated beef with soy sauce
The fragrance emanates from the meat marinated in a sauce. This process is widely known to give the dish its flavour and colour and is now increasingly appreciated by Western culture.
• Jeyuk: pork seasoned with a spicy sauce
The sauce used can be more or less spicy depending on the customer's taste. It is used together with the pork meat to enhance the flavour and give the dish a strong, invigorating taste.

• Tuna
Particularly appreciated by both adults and children, tuna is one of the most successful dishes of Oriental cuisine, and probably the most well-known and imitated.
• Yubu: Fried tofu sautéed in soy sauce
The Western culture is only recently becoming aware of the health benefits related to eating tofu, whereas Eastern Europe has always known about and appreciated this food. Tofu provides a large amount of protein and is widely used in many dishes, making it an extremely versatile food, which you must try, especially sautéed in soy sauce.
• Cheese
Kimbap cheese can be used to enhance the taste of any subtly flavoured dish, bringing out the stronger traditional tastes. This dish should be tried as one of the first experiences of traditional Korean cuisine, as it will amaze and enchant the consumer. This cheese is very versatile and appreciated not only by Eastern cultures, but also in the West.
GAM Korean Bistro combines cultures, whilst respecting the differences. Respect for others is widely known to play a key role in the well-being of mind and spirit. All our dishes are available to our customers and our staff.