At GAM Korean Bistro, in Milan, you can find taste and tradition

GAM Korean Bistro in Milan is the perfect place to find traditional Korean dishes, tailored to the tastes of Western customers. In a well-kept, recently refurbished location, you can discover an oriental style, with quality ingredients and carefully prepared dishes. The food is adapted to Western taste, whilst keeping the original recipes of the dishes, which are made on the spot.
The friendly and attentive staff at GAM Korean Bistro, in Milan are ready to meet the customers’ every need, leading the diners on a path of discovery of Korean cuisine. The dishes are adapted to Western taste, whilst keeping the quality characteristics typical of this ancient culture. The culture is known for its healthy cuisine and dates back to its early origins. The dishes use protein-rich ingredients with nutritional value, creating a healthy taste experience for your body and soul. The GAM Korean Bistro, Milan offers a variety of new dishes that combine different ingredients and colours, which offer an alternative to the known traditional flavours.
The GAM Korean Bistro, in Milan, which opened 30 April 2016, was immediately acclaimed both by the public and critics, for the service and professionalism of its staff and for its great location. The restaurant is decorated down to the finest detail, with the kitchen on view to all customers in order to guarantee professionalism . The restaurant’s ventilation system has proved most popular among customers, as you can enjoy tasty, fried foods, without leaving with a strong smell on your clothes, as experienced in other similar establishments.
The difference between this restaurant and other similar places can be seen in the great customer service, which you will receive from the moment you enter the door until the very end of your meal. You can also enjoy a variety of different cocktails to whet your appetite, from Eastern drinks with typical Korean flavours to the more traditional Western cocktail. Different tastes and flavours which bring together the best in two cultures and can be enjoyed alone or in company.
Original dishes full of colour and flavour provide a culinary experience in discovering a culture rooted in using quality, beneficial ingredients. A variety of innovative dishes, with flavours from land or sea, are adapted to individual taste and always available. These dishes are created by the chefs and served to you by our friendly waiters. You can share and appreciate a variety of delicious dishes at your table through sight, smell and taste.
A conscious choice to work in the catering industry also comes with an awareness and willingness to discover new combinations and enjoyable sensations, in different situations, in order to please even the most demanding customers. At GAM Korean Bistro, in Milan, where the clientele is both international and local, staff are able to offer quality customer service to satisfy any request.
A passionate and quality service and a pleasing variety of dishes and decor, are just some of the reasons to visit GAM Korean Bistro, in Milan, where you can learn to appreciate the cuisine. There is a large number of tables available, offering space for group dinners or you can hire out the whole restaurant for parties with friends and family.
The restaurant offers a variety of sweet and sour; creative savoury dishes and desserts from the Korean tradition. It enables you to fully appreciate the rich uniqueness of Korean cuisine, whilst dining in a calm atmosphere. The restaurant reflects the meeting between Western tradition and oriental flavour, enriching the minds of those who want to experiment and discover quality, ancient traditions and share them in their daily lives.

We offer a full service, with an international flavour, in a friendly and comfortable restaurant, in Milan. We welcome all customers who want to discover and appreciate the unique qualities of Korean cuisine, which comes from an ancient culture and include a healthy mix of ingredients.
The restaurant is open at lunch and dinner and is easily accessible by public transport. Nearby in the area, you can find plenty of parking available.
The contact person is Mr. Paul Moon, the head office is located on Viale Pasubio 8, 20154 Milan, and the phone number is +39 (0)225061372.